Online Quizzing Designed for Educators

a review of Quia

Create quizzes with 10 different question types as well as 16 types of educational games and learning activities.

There are many paid online quizzing sites, but very few that are designed for educators. For $49 a year, Quia has:

  • Templates for creating 16 types of online activities and games using your own content. Everything from battleship to game show formats.
  • A complete online testing system with automatic grading, immediate feedback, and detailed reporting.
  • question bank with a labeling system to keep you organized. Quickly create quizzes that sample from a specific label. Let students retake the quiz for a new mix of questions. Great for review and study!
  • Choose from over ten question types: multiple choice, multiple correct, matching, ordering, true/false, pop up, fill-in, initial answer, short answer, and essay
  • Online surveys for gathering student and teacher feedback.
  • class Web page creator to share Quia activities and class announcements with students and parents.
  • Access to millions of shared activities and quizzes in over 300 categories.